Radiomodem & Data Transceivers

ASK small size transceiver with high sensitivity

rtx-long-rangeMini ASK transceiver module with high sensitivity and power-down functionality. Ideal for a 2-way radio system needing to save space and battery life. In compliance with European Normative. More..





ASK/FSK Digital data transceiver

RTX-MID-868Digital data transceiver operating at the frequency 868.3 Mhz, OOK or FSK modulation. Compliant with ETSI EN 300 220-1 V2.3.1. Available with alternative frequencies within the band 860-870 MHz. More..





FSK modulation and high efficiency integrated antenna

RTX-868-FSKTransceiver of digital data working in the bandwidth 870 MHz, with reception frequencies 868,3 MHz and 869,85 MHz. FSK modulation and high efficiency integrated antenna. It’s comply with ETSI EN 300220-1 V2.3.1. The device has a compact size in SMD format, available in reel for automated assembly. More..




Very Fast Low Power Multichannel Transceiver up to 1Mbps – 78 channels

XTR-VF-24-LPXTR VF 2.4 LP transceiver, pin to pin compatible with Aurel module XTR CYP 2.4GHz and Cypress module CYWM6935
LR 2.4GHz DSSS Radio SoC, represents an extension suitable for data transfer at 1Mbit/sec (from 64Kbit/sec available
from previously available modules), with reduced current consumption and wide supply voltage range (from 1.8 to 3.6V), as supplied with an internal switching power supply with programmable start threshold. More..



Very Fast High Power Multichannel Transceiver up to 1Mbps – 78 channels

XTR-VF-24-HP More..






RF4CE compliant transceiver for set top box & multimedia devices

RF4CE-SMDRF4CE-compliant module to be used DVD-players via radiofrequency with no need for an IR interface. RF4CE is an IEEE 802.15.4 based standard maintained by ZigBee Alliance. Communications towards module is implemented through an UART port and an encryption mechanism is provided (if supported also in the remote). More..




2.4 GHz Wireless Safety Edges for Gates, Shutters, Doors

XTR-SE-24The module is configurable or as a master (mobile part of the automation) or as a slave (fixed part of the automation), through an external pin. Single in-line module with dimension approximately of 51 x 25 mm, with an integrated PCB antenna or a UFL connector for external antenna. More..





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